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The Patient Parent

Lead your family with patience

Why Parent Coaching?

Society doesn't expect people to start a new job without some sort of training. Why do we expect parents to get it "right" as first time parents without any guidance? Parent Coaches don't exist to tell you how to parent; rather, we are here to support you through your journey and to guide your parenting decisions without judgement to ensure you are the best possible parent for your child. I received parent coaching when my son was an infant and I feel excited and PREPARED to enter the toddler years with confidence. 


Work With Me

Supporting Your Parenting Success

Complimentary Consultation Call

I want to know more about you and your goals in parenting. Do you yell and wish you didn't? Do you send your child to their room when you "can't handle" their big emotions and wish you could? Tell me all about it! I am not here to judge; rather, I am here to support YOU. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with me so we can chat about what that support might look like. Click HERE to schedule.

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12-week Patient Parenting Program

Dive into 12 weeks of education regarding child development, attachment science, and parenting tools that will augment your success in connected, empowered parenting. In addition to weekly videos and workbooks, you'll meet with me once a week for a private coaching session.

Hi, I'm Brianna

I am a registered nurse and a certified parent coach, but most importantly I am a wife and a mother. After I had my son I decided I couldn't go back to working 12+ hour nights in critical care, so I was fortunate enough to stay home with with him for the first 15 months of his life. During this time, I received parenting advice that I didn't feel good about implementing in my own home, so I dove into the research and began to develop values and a parenting style that worked for my family. In doing this, I became incredibly passionate about parenting in general, and felt a deep desire to help change the lives of those around me. With my parent coaching certification, my goal is to support parents in developing parenting practices that allow for a connected, respectful relationship with their child(ren). I can't wait to hear your story.

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